Seven Hills

The Seven Hills community has its own distinct feel and design. Located just minutes from the Henderson Executive Airport, which services mostly private and corporate jet services, the Seven Hills community is comprised mostly of small gated subdivisions within the Master Plan and features housing ranging in square footage from 1,095 square feet to 44,371 square feet which is owned by Pierre Morad Omidyar, the founder of Ebay®. The homes of Seven Hills vary widely in price which is one of the charming aspects of the area. The community features three parks, Vivaldi, Puccini, and Sonata Parks that allow most of the community relatively short walking access to each. Some of the more Custom Home areas are a bit more removed from easy walking access.

The community has great diversity of every kind, not only in the people that occupy its homes, but the homes themselves. The homes are, for the most part, situated on generous lots which allows for increased privacy and a sense of separation from your neighbors. Newer homes in the Las Vegas Valley are plagued by increasingly small lots with closer and closer neighboring walls. In fact, many communities during the building boom of our market were built three stories tall to maximize square footage on the smallest possible lot footprint. In addition to the lots, the community offers many opportunities for the active lifestyle. Much of the Seven Hills roads and sidewalks are situated on hills of varying intensities and lengths which offer the runner, cyclist, or walker a variety of resistance and allows the continued challenges to your fitness plan and goals.

The sense of community in Seven Hills is obvious. Neighbors wave at each other, know each other by name, and are generally aware of happenings in the area. Many of the city’s police officers inhabit Seven Hills and provide an additional element of safety to the area. As each of the subdivisions are part of a larger community, the subdivisions coordinate community-wide garage sales and holiday events. The various community gates are left open during the scheduled Garage Sale times and residents are encouraged to purge their spring cleaning items at the same time. This community approach brings “pickers” from all areas of the valley and often results in large collections of gently used items finding new homes at reasonable prices. The state of Nevada was accepted into statehood on October 31, 1986 and you might recognize the month and day as Halloween. Seven Hills has a flurry of Trick Or Treaters during the holiday and as with other holidays, decorating of the front yard seems to take on a competitive element and is welcomed by not only Seven Hills homeowners, but by nearby residents of other neighborhoods as well.